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    Why is My AC Blowing Hot Air?


  • Why is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

    July 5, 2019

    If you had to make a list of things that would annoy you the most while at home during the summer, we’d have a good guess at what might be at the top: a broken AC. These complicated pieces of machinery are invaluable when they’re working properly, but they’re prone to a wide range of issues. One in particular is especially frustrating.

    “Why is my AC blowing hot air?” is a fairly common question we hear, and understandably so! Your AC’s job is to do precisely the opposite of that, and we’re here to help you figure out what’s going on. Let the AC experts at Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric solve your problem once and for all!

    Air Filter Hasn’t Been Changed

    Unless you’ve got an air filter that never needs replacing, then you should stay on a strict filter-changing schedule. Air filters are effective up to a certain point, after which they drop dramatically in performance. When you leave a dirty air filter installed, your AC is going to have an especially tough time generating any cool air at all to circulate through your home.

    What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Air Filter

    If you suddenly remember that you forgot to switch out your air filter this month, then go take care of that. Your problems might be gone in a flash!

    Low Refrigerant

    Refrigerant, which is the more specific name for the coolant that courses through your home’s AC system, is liable to leak eventually. It passes through a series of tubes and coils while turning into a gas and back into a liquid, so there are plenty of opportunities for it to squeeze out somewhere.

    Do I Have a Refrigerant Leak?

    When refrigerant gets low, your AC system will struggle to remove heat from the outside air that it pulls in at the beginning of the cooling cycle. This air will stay hot, and you’ll notice. If you think you’ve got a refrigerant leak on your hands, give the pros at Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric a call!

    Your Condenser is Compromised

    The outdoor unit is critical to keeping your AC’s cooling cycle going. It removes the hot air that has accumulated throughout the process, and it needs plenty of space in order to do its job effectively. When things like grass clippings, stray branches and other outdoor debris get too close and cover it, the hot air will have a harder time dissipating.

    That’ll make it more likely for your AC system to struggle with blowing exclusively cool air in your home. Take a quick look outside and see if your outdoor condenser unit is surrounded or clogged.

    Evaporator Coil is Frozen

    If you set your thermostat extremely low during the summer, your evaporator coil is going to deal with a lot of condensation dripping on it. This metal implement is crucial to cooling your air, and if it collects too much condensation (which will happen if your AC stays on a high setting for way too long), then it will freeze. A frozen evaporator coil makes it near-impossible for your AC to generate cool air, and you’ll notice a spike in hot air coming from your vents.

    You can prevent this by switching off the AC every now and then and letting it power down for a bit. Call a professional if this has already happened, however.

    Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric: Tampa’s Premier AC Service Provider

    When your AC is on the fritz – whether it’s blowing hot air or something else entirely – you need a technician you can trust. That’s what Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric is here for! Our team can help remedy your AC system and get your home back in tip-top shape in no time at all.

    Give us a call at 800-937-6736 for the trusted AC experts you can count on!


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