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    Duct Sealing



    Improve the Efficiency of Your Central Air System

    On average, 30 cents of every $1 spent on cooling your home disappears into thin air due to duct leaks. Those 30 cents add up to a substantial amount every month. Put that money back into your bank account with a proper duct sealant service from Acree Plumbing & Air.

    Acree Ventilation and Duct Sealing ServicesHow Do You Know That Your Home Has Poorly Sealed Ducts?

    • You have high summer and winter utility bills
    • You have rooms that are difficult to heat and cool
    • You have stuffy rooms that never seem to feel comfortable
    • Your ducts are located in an attic, crawlspace, or the garage
    • You find tangled or kinked flexible ducts in your system

    What Can Be Done About It?

    Tape & Mastic – Most companies will offer to seal your ducts using tape and mastic sealants. Although these are common, they are very ineffective as the tape won’t last and there is no way for you or the technician to know whether the ducts were actually sealed airtight. If you do decide to seal your air ducts using tape and mastic sealant, stay far away from duct tape. Despite its name, duct tape is a very ineffective way of sealing your air ducts. Use UL-listed aluminum foil tape of HVAC mastic sealant instead.

    Replace the Ducts – Replacing your ductwork can be effective at eliminating duct leaks, as well as, improving overall comfort in your home, however replacing your ducts can be expensive. If no testing is performed, there is no way to ensure the new ducts are sealed airtight.

    Aeroseal Duct Sealing Technology – Aeroseal Duct Sealing is a patented breakthrough technology that tackles leaks from the inside out. Our Aeroseal software allows our technicians to measure the duct leakage in your home. Then by applying pressure to the ductwork and injecting an EPA-approved polymer, leaks as large as a nickel are sealed permanently. Afterwards, we will provide you with a certificate that proves we sealed your ducts.

    When you call Acree Plumbing & Air for professional duct sealing service, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your air ducts to find weak points, imbalanced pressure points, and harmful materials. For proper duct sealing to occur, proper diagnostics and materials must be used. In addition to using Aeroseal technology, we double-check the soundness of your ductwork by securing connections and seams.

    Duct Sealing Benefits

    • Save Money & Energy – According to the EPA, the average U.S. home loses about 30% of its conditioned air through leaks in the ductwork. By sealing those leaks, more cool air gets to where it needs to go, increasing your comfort and lowering the stress and strain on your HVAC unit.
    • Increased Comfort – Sealing your air ducts increases the air pressure and airflow going to your rooms. If you aren’t getting the power you need from your air conditioning system, you can probably fix it by sealing the air ducts. Hot and cold spots in your home are a common indication of an air leak, whether in your ductwork or your home.
    • Better Indoor Air Quality – The problem with leaking air ducts when it comes to indoor air quality is the fact that a vacuum effect is created, which sucks in indoor air pollutants into your ductwork. Harmful vapors and gases can also find their way in, which then gets distributed throughout your home. The best way to prevent this from happening is by sealing your air ducts.

    With Aeroseal, we can seal the leaks in your ductwork from the inside, reaching even the most inaccessible parts of your duct system with very minimal disruption to your home and routine.

    In terms of energy, no other single home improvement project can match the energy savings of whole-home duct sealing. Besides heating and cooling unused areas of the home, duct leaks can cause HVAC inefficiencies by up to 30%.

    duct sealing energy savings NYT


    For more information on the Aeroseal process, watch This Old House video with Richard Tretheway:


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