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    Refrigerant Leak Detection



    Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance

    Advanced refrigerant leak detection serviceYour air conditioner is a sealed system like a tire on your car. Although a small air conditioner refrigerant leak may not pose a problem, a more serious air conditioner refrigerant leak will do so and could occur at any time.

    Some refrigerant leaks are plainly visible to the eye. These include a visible line break, the presence of oil, and quite possibly a refrigerant vapor cloud of escaping gas.


    Most Refrigerant Leaks are Hard to Find, So Our Technicians Use Various Methods to Locate Them:

    • Solutions can be used that bubble when placed on a refrigerant leak site
    • UltraSonic Devices can be used that “listen” for the refrigerant leak
    • Electronic Devices can be used that “sniff” out the refrigerant leak
    • Isolate and Pressure test individual components to find the refrigerant leak
    • Inject dye that travels through the system and makes it so the refrigerant leak can be detected with a UV light

    Benefits of Refrigerant Leak Detection and AC Freon Leak Repair

    Having a trained Acree technician locate and repair the refrigerant leak benefits you in many ways:

    • Lengthens System Life – When refrigerant leaks out, oil that lubricates your compressor leaks with it. Not repairing that air conditioner refrigerant leak will dramatically shorten the life of your system.
    • Lowers Utility Bill – Systems that operate with insufficient refrigerant will run longer to keep your home cool. Often times the AC refrigerant leak repair cost is recouped in energy savings.
    • Saves You Money – Refrigerant costs are increasing more rapidly than ever due to EPA regulations.
    • Avoids Costly Damage to Home – Due to insufficient refrigerant, your system may “freeze up” and the water created during the thaw can overflow and damage floors, ceilings, and walls.
    • Irreparable Compressor Damage – Acid and contamination will damage your compressor, causing premature failure.

    Take the first step to a long-lasting, energy-efficient air conditioner by calling us at 1-800-937-6736. schedule A refrigerant leak detection service with one of our expert HVAC Technicians.


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