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    Why Isn’t My Drain Cleaner Working on My Drains?


  • Why Isn’t My Drain Cleaner Working on My Drains?

    March 13, 2020

    why isnt my drain cleaner working

    Drain clogs can be frustrating to deal with, a little gross and if ignored, they can pose health risks. That’s why it’s important to try to unclog them from the get-go before they become even more smelly and stubborn. Ideally, you should try using a simple tool such as a plunger at first. If that doesn’t work, you can try a chemical cleaner, preferably as a last resort. However, if your drain cleaner isn’t working there might be another problem. So, if your cleaner isn’t unclogging your drains, don’t worry because the pros at Acree are here to tell you why!

    1. Certain Chemical Cleaners Just Don’t Work

    A popular belief is that chemical cleaners are strong and will almost always break up a clog.  However, certain chemical cleaners just don’t work. This is most likely the case with cheaper, low-quality brands, which aren’t always reliable. Try purchasing a more reliable, high-quality brand and see if it works.

    2. It Depends on the Type of Clog

    As we mentioned, some drain cleaners just aren’t as effective. In addition to that, drain cleaners are good at breaking up material such as soap and grease, but other clogs can prove more difficult. So, if you have hair or food scraps blocking your drain, you might simply need to try a different method.

    To remove hair from bathtub drains, you can use the wire from a coat hanger. Simply unravel it, form a hook at the end of the wire and fish out any hair from your bathtub’s drain.

    If you need to remove food scraps from your sink drain, a natural method might work better than a drain cleaner, which can cause pipes to corrode. Try using a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda and hot water to clean out the drain.

    3. The Clog Might Be in Too Deep

    The P-Trap is a component of every plumbing fixture, whether it’s your sink, tub or toilet. Often, clogs can become trapped there and it can be difficult to remove them. You might have to disassemble the entire P-Trap and see if you can remove the clog. It’s easy to remove and disassemble the P-trap. All you need are some pliers, a bucket to catch any extra water, a flex brush and a drain snake, all of which are affordable and available are your nearest home improvement store!

    4. Your Plumbing is Getting Old

    If you find yourself dealing with stubborn clogs overtime, maybe the issue is the age of your plumbing fixture. Clogged drains aren’t just a nuisance—they can lead to leaks which can be very wasteful. Consider replacing the plumbing fixtures around your home with newer and more efficient models.

    Have More Questions About Unclogging Your Drains? Contact the Pros at Acree!

    We hope this guide helped answer your questions about why your drain cleaner isn’t working. If you have more questions about your home’s plumbing, get in touch with the pros at Acree! Call us today at 800-937-6736 or schedule an appointment online!


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