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    Top 5 Electrical Safety Tips For The Winter Season


  • Top 5 Electrical Safety Tips For The Winter Season

    January 12, 2022

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    Top 5 Electrical Safety Tips For The Winter Season

    Winter is colder than any other time of year, and that means more homeowners are using things such as their space heaters to keep warm. It’s time to put a freeze on winter electrical problems! Here are the top 5 electrical safety tips to keep in mind this winter season.

    1. Don’t Plug Space Heaters into Power Strips

    You should never plug your space heater into a power strip because the power strip isn’t designed to handle the high current required by space heaters. If you do plug your space heater into a power strip, it could cause the power strip to melt, burn, or catch fire.

    Not only that, but you should remember to use your space heater sparingly this winter. Before you leave your house or before you go to sleep at night, make sure to turn it off. While it’s something that many homeowners use during the wintertime, it’s not something that should be used 24/7.

    2. Keep Flammable Objects Away from Heat Sources

    Whether your space heater or your vents, make sure to keep any flammable objects at least 3 feet away. Space heaters are designed to put out a lot of heat, so it can cause items such as furniture and curtains to light on fire.

    3. Invest in a Whole-House Surge Protector

    All it takes is one sudden surge of electricity through an unprotected house to cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Power surges can be caused by things like downed power lines, lightning storms, and faulty wiring. The last thing you want is for a winter storm to end up costing you big time! Protect all your electronics by making this investment today!

    4. Test Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Make sure you test your carbon monoxide detectors regularly. Carbon monoxide poisoning is more prevalent during the winter months due to the increased use of gas. If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector in your home, then consider adding one as soon as possible. It could save a life.

    Remember to never use a camp stove or gas oven (for heating purposes) inside your home, as a way to prevent deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

    5. Schedule Electrical Safety Inspection

    Some of the biggest risk of electrical fires include:

    • Outdated Fuse Boxes
    • Faulty Electrical Panels
    • Damaged Wiring

    To avoid any disruptions with your electrical system this winter., contact a professional electrician to check that your electrical components are safe.

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