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    Should I Have My AC Tuned Up?


  • Should I Have My AC Tuned Up?

    June 29, 2018

    Now that we’re well into the dog days of summer, your AC unit has more than likely already been pulling its fair share of weight to keep you and your family cool throughout the day. Few appliances are as critical as your AC – especially here in Tampa. Managing it thoroughly enough to make sure it’ll keep chugging along as we venture through the remainder of these sweltering months is extremely important.

    The best thing you can do to keep your home’s air crisp and cool all day every day is simple, and you don’t even have to lift a finger. By scheduling an AC tune-up, you’ll be able to check off all the boxes that ensure your unit doesn’t suddenly malfunction or get thrown out of balance. The cooling experts at Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric have the technical know-how to properly inspect every aspect of your AC unit and make sure it doesn’t miss a beat.

    In case you’re not quite sure what the benefits of an AC tune-up are, they’ve got a quick guide for you! The pros vastly outweigh the cons, and Acree’s technicians will have your AC operating at tip-top efficiency in no time, and you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the summer without a care in the world.

    Preventative Maintenance Helps in the Long Run

    The biggest reason an AC tune-up is something you might consider is that it enables a technician to catch anything that might become a serious problem, but well in advance. If you don’t already receive regular inspections, then your unit may have smaller issues that aren’t easily detectable by someone who isn’t a trained professional.

    When a technician performs a tune-up, he’s able to spot things that, while they may be negligible at the time, could blossom into something much more harmful if not addressed soon. That way, you’ll be able to get ahead of potentially serious issues before they arise, saving you a significant amount of money on what would be costly repairs.

    You Notice an Improvement in Your Home

    When a qualified expert is able to perform a tune-up, he’s able to adjust anything that might’ve been thrown off-balance – even things you may not be able to notice. When he’s able to adjust things back to where they’re supposed to be, it’s entirely possible for you to experience an uptick in the quality of the air in your home. What, specifically, will you notice?

    • Indoor Air Quality: Cleaner, more breathable air
    • More efficient cooling: Fewer sporadic incidents where the AC will sputter or stop working for periods of time
    • Quicker Changes: Smaller dead periods, where the AC has to wait a while to kick in and adjust the temperature to whatever you’ve set it to. It’ll happen much quicker.

    Having your AC unit tuned up is one of the best decisions you can make as a homeowner. Not only will you see a drastic difference in your day-to-day experience at home, but you’ll be able to maximize the life of your AC and avoid having to shell out a ton of money to have it repaired or replaced.


    The experts at Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric are the Tampa area’s AC experts, and our team can perform a top-of-the-line tune-up on your unit in addition to countless other services. Give us a call at 800-783-8154 and schedule an appointment today!


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