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    [Infographic] How To Keep Your Home’s Air Fresh In the Winter


  • [Infographic] How To Keep Your Home’s Air Fresh In the Winter

    November 19, 2021

    [Infographic] How To Keep Your Home’s Air Fresh In the Winter

    According to the EPA, about 90% of Americans spend most of their time indoors. That’s why it’s so important that your indoor air quality is always at its healthiest. Here’s how to do that in the winter.

    1. Keep An Eye On The Humidity

    To ensure your home is comfortable and your indoor air is fresh, make sure your humidity levels are kept between 30-50%. 

    2. Change Your Air Filter

    Changing your air filter once or twice a month can keep your indoor air quality at a healthy level and reduce your unit’s energy consumption by up to 15%.

    3. Dust and Vacuum Often

    Because dust and dander can easily make their way inside our homes, it’s important to do a thorough vacuuming and dusting of your home once a week.

    4. Use Your Ventilation System

    Use exhaust fans in your kitchen when cooking and your bathroom when bathing to allow for better ventilation and healthier indoor air quality. 

    5. Try Natural Alternative to Air Fresheners

    Things like simmer pots, diffuser sticks, and potpourri are healthier alternatives to toxic air fresheners. 

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