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    How to Switch from a Gas to an Electric Water Heater


  • How to Switch from a Gas to an Electric Water Heater

    January 8, 2021

    switch from gas to an electric water heater

    According to the Department of Energy, your water heater accounts for about 18% of your water heater’s energy use. Whatever you do with your water heater, it’s important to keep in mind that it is a heavy appliance that contributes significantly to your energy bill. One factor when looking at water heaters is the fuel source it uses, and which one works best for you. Some might prefer gas while others might prefer electricity. If you are thinking of making the switch from a gas to an electric water heater, this guide by the pros at Acree is for you!

    First Things First: Gas or Electric?

    Before you change your fuel source, make sure you decide that is what you really want to do. A gas-powered water heater has higher initial costs. However, it also costs less to maintain and operate as the cost of gas is generally lower than electricity. But an electricity water heater might have slightly higher energy-efficiency ratings than a gas water heater. Both fuel sources have pros and cons. One deciding factor is the fuel source your home is already equipped with. However, if you are planning a complete overhaul of your water heater including its fuel source, do your research beforehand. Keep in mind that manufacturers and models are important because some might inherently be better no matter the fuel source.

    Here is What You Should Do If You Plan to Switch from Gas to Electric

    1. Speak to A Technician

    Make sure you have a technician come and assess your system and speak with them about your budget and water heater needs. Speaking to a technician can be helpful beforehand as they can either confirm or maybe challenge your decision. They can also give you a proper estimate of the water heater and installation cost.

    1. Look at Your Electric Panel

    An electric water heater will need a significant amount of energy to operate, so make sure you assess your electrical panel and see if it has the capacity to handle a heavy appliance. Keep in mind that an electric water heater uses up to 4,000 watts.

    1. Consider Which Model You Want to Purchase

    There are a variety of models and manufacturers on the market, so think about which one will work for your home. We recommend looking into the models approved by ENERGY STAR. These models can heat your water with far less energy and can save you up to $3500, no matter the fuel source.

    Have any more questions before you make the final switch from a gas to an electric water heater? Get in touch with the pros at Acree today! Call us at 813-703-2558 or schedule a service with us on our website. Whether you need assistance with heating, cooling, water heating or plumbing, our team of technicians will be happy to help you out.


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