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    How to Keep Your Home’s Air Fresh in The Winter


  • How to Keep Your Home’s Air Fresh in The Winter

    December 20, 2019

    keep your air fresh in the winter

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 90 % of Americans spend their time indoors. That is why it is important that your indoor air quality is at its healthiest no matter what season. That’s why the pros at Acree have come with a quick and helpful guide on how you can keep your air fresh in the winter.

    1. Keep an Eye on the Humidity

    No matter the weather in Florida, humidity is always at a high. Many Tampa Bay residents experience the feeling of being cool but remaining uncomfortable; that issue is caused by excess humidity! To ensure your home is comfortable and your indoor air fresh, keep an eye on your indoor humidity levels. Investing in a dehumidifier might help—this appliance ensures you can adjust the levels of humidity in your home for maximum comfort. It is generally a good idea to keep humidity levels between 30-50% as this level is not only comfortable but essential to preventing mold growth.

    2. Change Your Air Filter

    You have probably heard this piece of advice but that’s because it’s incredibly important. Changing your air filter is one of the easiest ways you can maintain your HVAC unit and keep your indoor air quality at a healthy level. Changing your air filter at least once or twice a month can also reduce your unit’s energy consumption by up to 15%.

    3. Dust and Vacuum Often

    Dust and dander can easily make its way inside our homes, which is why it is important to clean up often. Try to do a thorough vacuuming and dusting of your home once a week and follow it up with a mop occasionally. Dust accumulation can cause allergic reactions so it is important you prevent its circulation as much as you can.

    4. Use Your Ventilation System

    If your home does not have proper ventilation, toxins and allergens won’t have a place to go and humidity will increase inside your home. Use the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom to get rid of any humidity, odors or toxins sticking around. While it isn’t a good idea to have your exhaust fans on all the time, they certainly allow for better ventilation and healthier indoor air quality if they are used appropriately.

    5. Try Natural Alternatives to Air Fresheners

    Air fresheners have been a popular and quick way to quickly cover up any odors inside homes. However, some researchers have expressed concern over the possible health problems caused by prolonged exposure to these air fresheners. If you are someone who uses air fresheners often, you might want to consider a healthier, organic alternative. Here are some you can try out:

    • Simmer Pots

    Create your own little air freshener by putting sliced lemons, rosemary and vanilla into a pot of water and let it simmer. You can use a variety of herbs, spices and fruits to create a scent to your liking.

    • Diffuser Sticks

    Diffuser sticks are a popular alternative to air fresheners. Dipped in a bottle of strong, scented oil, these diffuser sticks provide the scent you need with very little effort.

    • Potpourri

    Potpourri is one of the classics and it remains widely used today. Not only does it add a nice scent to your home, it also makes a great centerpiece.

    Keep Your Air Fresh with Acree!

    Americans already spend a great deal of time indoors, but in the winter that time most likely increases. That is why it is vital to keep your indoor air quality healthy. If you want to learn more about how you can keep your air fresh in the winter, get in touch with the knowledgeable pros at Acree! Call us today at 800-937-6736 or schedule a service with us online!




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