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    Tips for a Healthy Winter IAQ


  • Tips for a Healthy Winter IAQ

    February 22, 2018

    Although we don’t see any major snow storms here in Tampa Bay, winter still comes with chillier temperatures that at times make everybody want to stay at home snuggled under a blanket. But while we close up all the windows and stay cozy indoors, it is easy to neglect our indoor air quality.

    Without enough ventilation, harmful pollutants can become trapped inside your home. Asthma, allergies, and contagious illnesses can flare up thanks to these indoor air pollutants. At Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric, we care about your air quality. Most importantly, we care about your respiratory health and overall well-being. Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy IAQ during the winter months.


    1. Keep an eye on your air filters.

    Air filters are a defense mechanism for air pollutants trying to invade your home. As your HVAC system passes air through the filters, airborne particulates collect on the filter instead of floating into your home. But if they become too dirty, air filters can clog up and make your indoor air quality worse instead. Changing air filters regularly prevents this from happening. Make sure to secure the filter tightly during replacement, eliminating any gaps where unfiltered air could sneak through.


    1. Pay attention to humidification.

    Humidity levels can impact not only the quality, but also the comfort or the air in your home. Too much moisture, and you might see some mold growth. Too little moisture, which is a more common problem in the winter months, and the dry air can cause an array of health issues. Most significantly, it can dry out and inflame the mucus membrane inside your respiratory system, which makes your body more vulnerable to airborne illnesses. The best range for humidity levels inside your home is between 30 and 50 percent.


    1. Consider adding exhaust fans or a central ventilation system.

    Keeping the air in your bathrooms and kitchen well-ventilated and free from unwanted moisture is easy with exhaust fans. Ducted through the roof, they can remove harmful vapors quickly and efficiently. If you really want to keep your air moving, in addition to local ventilation like exhaust fans, you can add a central ventilation unit. An HVAC professional can help equip your home with a balanced system.


    1. Purify your air.

    Ask an HVAC technician about air purification options. These can be installed into your central air system directly, and they can have a drastic impact on your air quality using innovative technology. In UV air cleaners, an ultraviolet lamp emits rays of light that are powerful enough to destroy air pollutant germs.


    1. Get some house plants.

    Time to exercise your green thumb. Believe it or not, certain house plants can actually change the content of your air and remove toxic substances. Check out this list of air filtering plants compiled by NASA. Pay attention to each plant’s toxicity if you have any pets.

    With winter temps keeping Tampa residents indoors more often, keeping up with indoor air quality can be tricky. But with so many helpful HVAC adaptations, staying healthy during winter can be a breeze.

    If you are uncertain about the indoor air quality in your home, contact Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric and schedule a consultation at 1-800-937-6736.


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